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Another long day had passed for Hugo… when he had driven home in his Mitsubishi soft top he found something very odd… this oddness was the fact that his dog, Ralph wasn’t barking of the back door. This strange quietness sent shivers down his back as the door creaked..”

Extract from Win or Die, Chapter One ‘Unseen Terror’ by Philip Laslett, aged 13 (April 1995)

As a child I enjoyed expressing myself through writing and drawing. The picture above is a cover of the story I penned when 13, which having re-read recently is dare I say, Hunger Games-esque and ahead of it’s time. It never saw the light of day, what could’ve been! Maybe I’ll release it in the future.

I’ve always wanted to share a book with the world. It has been one of those bucket list items that I’ve revisited on regular occasions, but never executed. I expect I’m not the only one.

This year however I’ve finally put pen to paper, well, fingers to keyboard. I’m very excited to say that I have finished the draft of my first children’s book, which is currently in editorial review. The first seed has been planted. It’s been an absolutely crazy three months of learning and I’m getting so much from it.

Whilst the publishing of my first book series is the focus, I’m enjoying writing this blog. Just the creative process of putting something in words on paper and sharing has been incredibly cathartic for me.

I truly believe that everyone has creativity inside them. So many hide it, myself included for far too long. There can be many reasons which combine to temper an individuals desire to express themselves. The busyness of life, complex self awareness issues, caring what people think. Sadly this can mean the world doesn’t benefit from their creativity, potentially forever.

If as a society we could reframe our mindset so everybody felt comfortable to be vulnerable and learn, in the wide open, then the world would be a better place.

It has been said that ‘writing is thinking’. I believe getting your ideas and words on paper is incredibly fulfilling and so positive and productive. I encourage everybody to write whether it’s in your journal, in writing short stories, Instagram posts, blogs or books, share your story with the world. Someone, somewhere needs to hear it.

I hope over the coming weeks I can share what I’ve learnt during this writing process to release my first children’s books in the next few months. I’ve made the decision to publish independently so that’s made this a bigger task and even more exciting.

I’m so looking forward to share with you what I’m working on. My intention is to encourage children to get outdoors, take up running or be generally active to improve their wellbeing. If one child benefits, as I look to help at least one person every day, then it will be incredibly rewarding.

So I urge you to reconnect with your creative side. Scratch that itch, take that course, network with likeminded individuals and share your creativity with the world. I salute you if you have already taken that first, or many steps, publicly. Please share with me on Instagram or connect by clicking the link below.

Speak soon

Cheers Phil

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Philip Laslett

I’m an author, speaker and marathon runner who is an advocate for the empowerment of others, in particular children, through exercise and technology.

I am on a mission to improve the outlook and sense of wellbeing in others and committed to my belief that enjoying exercise and expressing your creativity can be a launchpad to build self confidence and lead to a better, more fulfilling life.