What I wear on marathon race day


Tomorrow I am running my first marathon for over 14 years and to take my mind off it I thought I’d write a short blog on my gear for such a run, given it’s all laid out ready for the morning and the 4.45am alarm.

Starting from the top


This is the same hat I wore for my 1st and only marathon at London 2007.  Its been a trusty companion but I plan on retiring it after tomorrow’s race.  I typically wear a lightweight cap with a peak in summer and a skull cap in winter. It helps keep me cool, or warm, depending on the conditions


My Aftershokz Aeropex wrap around headphones have served me well the past couple of months and give me confidence they will not fall out.  I tend to listen to audiobooks, usually endurance sports or inspirational stories when on my long runs.  Even though tomorrow is a race I intend on continuing to listen to my current book – Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra. At least for the first half, as I try to keep to a strict slow and steady pace!

Running top 

I will be wearing one of my favourite lightweight running tops, my parkrun 50 race shirt.  It is important to wear something you are familiar with and have tried on at least one long run before a race, this is not the time to be trying out something new. Same advice for shorts, socks, and in particular running shoes.

Garmin Heart Rate monitor (and watch)

I love my Garmin Forerunner 920XT watch. The analysis I get from wearing the heart rate band is crucial for my training. I’m used to it now so would feel strange not to wear it.

Naked waistband

The Naked Waistband has multiple pockets for my phone and gels and fits snugly without any rubbing. Quite pricey but worth it, in my opinion.

Nike shorts

I have various running shorts but have gone for the sturdiest pair which provide a bit of extra support as the race gets into the latter stages


I tend to wear Salomon running socks with compression socks on my ankles and calves for extra support on long runs.  This has become a habit from when I had a slight foot injury and gives me confidence to run freely.

Running Shoes – Nike Zoom Next% Vaporfly 2’s

I love my Vaporfly’s. They are the first carbon plated shoe I have worn and after a bit of getting used to I do feel I am getting a benefit both in springiness, recovery, and my form has improved.

SIS Energy Gels

I take one gel roughly every 35 mins on a long run (over an hour) but it is important to try for yourself to find what works for you.  

Kinesio Tape

At times I use Kinesio tape to provide support where I have had some soreness, be it muscles, joints and/or ligaments. 

So there you have it.  My setup for my marathon tomorrow and most long runs.  Let me know your favourite pieces of gear and running clothing. I am always keen to hear what’s working well for other runners.

Now time for a good night’s sleep before the race.

Speak soon.


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