thank you for moving with your kids this summer


summer moves exercise videos

cheetah club warm up

always do this exercise first to warm up your body

Various Dynamic Exercises

8 x Hippo Hugs

8 x Gorilla Grabs

8 x Tiger Tip Toes

8 Rhino Reaches

8 X Lion Lunges (4 each leg)

8 x Stella Star Jumps

10 sec Rory Running on the spot (high knees)

10 sec Rory Running on the spot (heel Kick glutes)

crossing the river exercise

A fun way to get moving

Simple movement exercises from one side to the other

Imagine crossing the Okavango River in Botswana as various animals or using different methods

Order (all back to one side and return to starting position): 

Swim, Paddle, Fish, Stepping Stones, Shark, Duck, Lasso (as Rory used a lasso to rescue Raz in the story)

*References from the chapter ‘Water Trouble’ from the first book in The Cheetah Cub Running Club series.

brave animals exercise

channel your favourite animals!



Imitate various animals, channelling their bravery. 

Moving from side to side as you do so.

Order: Lion, Rhino, Cheetah, Bird, Mouse, Frog

balance on one leg

aim for 20 seconds on each leg, one at a time


aim for 3 sets of 10 squats with a 1 min rest between sets


aim to hold the position for 3 sets of 20 seconds with a 1 minute rest. build up how long you can hold over time.


aim to hop on one leg 20 times then alternate. build up how many hops you can do over time

standing long jump

stand behind a line, keep your feet together, swing your arms and launch forward. land with your feet together and mark behind your heel. do three jumps and measure how far you went!

count the catches

use a ball or a soft toy and stand a small distance apart. throw the object to each other, aim to catch it 20 times without dropping. when successful take a step back and repeat! see how many catches you can do in a row!

BONUS: Family Relay

If you have access to safe, open area, such as park. find a marker in the distance, such as a tree. take it in turns to run to the marker and back again. Tag your family member and then it is their turn to run to the marker and back. time how long it takes you as a team, from the first person to the last and put it on your tracker sheet!