Training, Mindset & Nutrition

Resources, tips and lessons learned as I target a sub three marathon!

Your repository for the books, gear, nutrition and training that is working for me as I work towards my goal of a two fifty nine (or less) marathon.

Books & Podcasts

Recommended reads and listens that have helped me with my running and mindset during training and race day.


What I wear, use and eat when training and racing to put me in the best position to achieve my goals.

Nutrition & Mindset

Tools & diet that have helped me improve my well being and overall health to be perform at my best


Personal Records

5K: 18:25  (Age 40)

10K: 38:39 (Age 39)

Half Marathon: 1:35:27 (Age 38)

Marathon: 3:14:21 (Age 40)

Weekly Stats