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Meet Philip

Meet Philip

I’m an author, speaker and marathon runner who is an advocate for the empowerment of others, in particular children, through exercise and technology. 

I love speaking and learning from children, teachers and parents on the topics of progress over perfection, mindset, wellbeing and running!
I know what it is like, and have experienced, the impact of self doubt and insecurity on a daily basis. 

I am on a mission to improve the outlook and sense of wellbeing in others and committed to my belief that enjoying exercise and expressing your creativity can be a launchpad to build self confidence and lead to a better, more fulfilling life.


My regular posts on all things running, empowerment, mindset and the future of learning.

The Cheetah Cub Running Club book series aims to entertain and empower through strong characters and positive values. Reaffirmed by school visits and workshops 

Instagram feed covering training, races resources, tools, kit and lessons learned as I look to progress as a marathon runner.

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