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What a year we have just had. So much to unpick, so much paused due to the pandemic, so much to look back on with

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Regular readers will know that I write (and run) not just to entertain, but also to inspire children to enjoy exercise, believe in themselves and

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On 27th May 2017, I stood at the start line of Dulwich Parkrun for the first time. Nervous, and apprehensive. Anxious that I had forgotten my

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Last week I became a published children’s author and it will not surprise you to know that a central theme is running! 🙂  I am

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“Another long day had passed for Hugo… when he had driven home in his Mitsubishi soft top he found something very odd… this oddness was

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Hello there, and welcome to Runner Who Writes. My name is Phil. I live in London with wife, two sons and cat, Peggy Sue. I

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