My story

I Know What It's Like...

Life can be overwhelming. 

At times it can be difficult to express ourselves, or get motivated to take action. Particularly for children.

I remember being young myself and the inhibitions I had that stopped me from trying new things, or taking opportunities that were presented to me.

We now have had a pandemic and school children have spent a significant proportion of their lives at home and on returning it is understandable they would feel some anxiety and low self-confidence.

This uncertainty has been compounded by volatile world events and local pressures on living standards. 

It was time to take action

Through the publication of my children’s books and school talks I am focused on encouraging children to enjoy exercise and express their creativity on a daily basis as vehicles to build self confidence and improve their well being.

Incremental steps forward in the CHEETAH CUB values of COURAGE, HELPFULNESS, EXERCISE, ENVIRONMENT, TEAMWORK, ATTITUDE, HEALTH, CREATIVITY, UNITY & BELIEF can amplify a child’s confidence and provide a foundation on which to build for a better life. 

I am committed to sharing my message through entertaining and inspirational story telling, in particular with children, and living each day centred on clear defined life goals focusing on progress over perfection and taking steps to proactively move my life, and the lives of others, forwards on a daily basis.

The Journey Continues

I am proud to be 100% focused on my vision to inspire others to enjoy exercise, build self confidence and express their creativity. 

  • I am now a published children’s author and have started school visits to share positivity and empowerment of our future leaders. Check out for more details
  • I have shaved over 2 hours off my marathon running time to 3:14 at 40 years old am targeting to go under 3 hours in 2022
  • I am fascinated by the role emerging tech, such as web 3 and blockchain, can play in incentivising exercise in the real world.  

The future is exciting and I look forward to embracing every obstacle head on!

You Can Take Action To Change Your Life Right Now

Whatever your fitness level or mindset you can take steps to improve your health, quality of life and wellbeing. 

By taking simple steps consistently, and comparing to yourself of yesterday not others, I believe you can build confidence and see incremental progress that can serve you as an example of what you can achieve in other areas of your life. 

Play the long game and think deeply on what you want your life to look like in 3, 5 and ten years. Consistent regular progress will move mountains over a long enough time frame.

If you want help in taking those first steps, or would like to book me for a talk in your school, please reach out and I’ll be sure to reply.