5 reasons to run (or walk) and why you should lace up your trainers now!

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#1 Running is good for your mind, body and soul

There is something inherently positive about moving and being proactive. Whether its making your bed or going for a walk or run. Leaving the house for a run or walk can give time to think, time to breathe, time to step away from the ‘noise’ and be at peace.

In fact, its been a key foundation and support for me during the pandemic, whilst in lockdown here in the UK. I just always feel better after a run, both physically and mentally. It gives you something to be proud of and get a ‘win’ for the day that you can build on.

Obviously some runs are tougher than others, and can be painful at the time. But when finished, sometimes much later in the day or following days, I always look back and am pleased I ran. Now, if you get injured on a run its not exactly pleasurable. It can happen, so listen to your body, however I have learnt so much from getting injured and how I should change things to reduce risk in the future, that I still have no regrets from running even on those infrequent occasions.

So if you are reading this, and are, or are not, contemplating a run or walk today, I encourage you to just do it. Action is always the answer, and I am sure you will feel better afterward.

#2 You can solve problems on a run

Something I have realised quite recently is if I’ve got a problem, question or obstacle I am trying to tackle that has been playing on my mind, I can get clarity by going for a run. By posing the question to myself as I’m getting ready to run, and be disciplined to focus on it, then over the course of 20 minutes or longer I usually come back and I’ve come up with one or two strategies on how to solve it. Try it.

#3 You can learn on a run

I always wondered how people manage to read 50+ books a year. Actually a lot of people don’t, some people do that but most actually listen to audio books or podcasts.

You can do this on a run and that’s what I love to do. Listening to inspiring books, commonly with a running theme or one of inspiration and mindset. I have upped my intake significantly and this has helped me learn new skills, gain knowledge and be inspired by incredible stories. I will add a list of my favourites on my site in the near future. You can also listen to them at 1.5x or greater pace if desired.

Top tip: sometimes I actually say to myself I can’t listen to my audiobook unless I’m running and that inspires me to commit to leaving the house and get my next fix!

#4 Running can give you confidence and improve other aspects of your life

By forming a habit around physical activity and exercise you will see benefits in other parts of your life. If you know you are running tomorrow, or have set a goal for walking a certain amount of miles in a given month, you may be less inclined to eat something unhealthy or may choose to go to bed earlier.

The positive impact of consistent exercise can give you the confidence to make positive change through action and be your foundation to greater things. Whether that be in your job, relationships or health you have it within you. Let consistent exercise be the catalyst and stepping stone to achieving everything you want to in life. 

#5 Running provides a great community 

Whether you are new to running, or walking, or a seasoned exercise junky, there is a community of likeminded individuals out there to share your experiences, challenges, successes and struggles with.

Through running I have forged friendships with neighbours, found common interests with family members, felt camaraderie with strangers, and been supported and inspired by people I will likely never meet on social media.

Someone out there needs to hear your story, will benefit from knowing you are out there pounding the pavement, and likewise you may be surprised by the positive impact engaging with a community of people focused on health and wellness can have on you. Strava, Instagram and Parkrun have all been great for me, if you are seeking ideas on where to start.

In Summary

Above all I encourage you not to fear running, do not put too much pressure on yourself – start with walking, then add in a small amount of running with your walk. You are not competing against anyone else and are on your own journey. Enjoy it, have fun, believe in yourself, just start! I would love to hear how you are doing so let me know!

Til next time


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